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Benefits of your account

Our giving account is a one-stop-shop for all your charitable giving. Imagine just one, single Direct Debit from your bank account for all your giving, and simple reports with helpful summaries for completing your tax return... we make this possible!

From your giving account you can distribute funds regularly, with or without the Gift Aid tax added. You can also keep a balance for requesting one-off donations as needs arise.

    • Give whenever you like, with online access to your account
    • 25% extra on all your giving thanks to Gift Aid
    • Complete flexibility – give regularly or spontaneously, or both if you wish
    • Support secular and Christian charities, including your local church
    • Join us in supporting over 2,500 registered Christian workers and bible college students
    • Keep things private with our option to give anonymously
    • Be inspired and encouraged by our money and giving resources

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