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Gift Aid - how we add more to your giving

Here’s the clever bit – using your giving account with Stewardship means you only need to sign one Gift Aid declaration (to us) when you open your account. Your gifts are made to Stewardship, a UK registered charity, and we claim back the Gift Aid from HM Revenue and Customs.

That way, all gifts made into your account benefit from the further 25% available in Gift Aid, allowing your giving to go a lot further.

You can request that the Gift Aid is sent to your requested recipients automatically, or ask us to add it to your balance for later distribution.


Attention Higher rate taxpayers

Good news for you. You are entitled to additional tax relief on the gifts into your account, claimed through your tax return. You then have the option of adding this benefit to your giving if you choose.

The other good news is that we provide a single annual total of your giving, making it easy for you to claim the full and correct relief when completing your tax return.

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