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Requesting donations from your account

What are the options?

You can ask us to distribute funds regularly, or spontaneously, depending on your giving preferences and the needs of those being supported. Much of this will depend on whether you hold a balance in your account with us.

Some like to make one-off and regular gifts into their accounts and allow these gifts, plus Gift Aid, to build into a balance. From this balance, regular donations are requested either monthly, quarterly, six monthly or annually (much like a standing order from a bank) and one-off donations are requested as a need or special appeal arises.

Others prefer to have a regular incoming gift to Stewardship and request donations for all of the recipients they support, including the relevant proportions of Gift Aid, with no balance remaining in their account.

How can I make requests?

Here are the best ways to make donation requests from your account:

Online: You can make most requests, securely, online.

By phone, letter or email: For more complicated requests you can always contact a member of our giving services team and they will be happy to help.  The contact details of the team are here.

*Your giving is to Stewardship and, as the funds belong to us, all grants from Stewardship to recipients are at the sole discretion of our trustees. If you wish to support someone who is not yet known to us, we will need to contact them in order establish their eligibility to receive grants from Stewardship.

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