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Gold - for major giving

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Your gold account is the single place for all your tax-effective giving for churches, secular or Christian causes, plus individuals in or studying for full time Christian ministry. You can personalise your account name if you wish (e.g. Stewart Family Fund) and you are free to involve your spouse, children or business partners in your giving as you choose.

All the administration and accounting requirements for giving are handled by us as part of the gold service. There is no need for trustees or annual returns, and no legal costs.

Other benefits, exclusive to our gold account, include:

  • Grow the balance in your account with interest*
  • Additionally, grow the balance in your account with our pooled investment option (now available online)
  • Be anonymous, should you wish, when requesting donations from your account
  • Receive or leave a legacy tax-effectively to Stewardship
  • Appoint a successor to continue requesting donations beyond your lifetime
  • Simple set up process – open an account in a few days with just one application form and a minimum gift of £10,000


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