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Benefits of your account

Benefits of having an account with Stewardship

• Efficient - fast and frequent tax recovery on a weekly basis.

• No fees  - We don't charge recipients a fee directly as membership fees (3%) are received from givers and, in most cases, deducted from the reclaimed tax.

• Simpler processing - For convenience we will group together allocated gifts so that you receive them in a grant each week or month. 

• Flexible payments - If you need approved funds urgently you can withdraw them in between the regular grant payment dates. 

• Better reports - You can view a variety of customisable reports online, providing a full record of gifts allocated to your recipient account and grants made.

• Prompt notifications - We advise you of new one-off gifts, and any changes to gifts allocated on a regular basis. 

• Tailored funds - Churches and charities can set up specific projects (campaigns, appeals, building funds etc.) visible to supporters.

• Multiple bank accounts - Grants for these projects may be made into separate designated bank accounts if required.

• And with decades of experience, sophisticated systems and a committed, friendly and professional team, you are in safe hands.

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