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How the account works

In order for you to set up an account with Stewardship you will need to firstly complete an application form.

Stewardship then assesses your application to ensure that you are eligible to receive a grant from us and we can support you.  We will periodically review your account and ask that you update information in order to re-approve the application.  As part of this assessment we will assign a limit to the amount of grants which can be distributed to you over a 12 month period.

Your recipient account will receive all gifts allocated to you by Stewardship and will be the point from which grants are transferred to your bank account.

We can supply you with your own publicity material which you can copy and distribute to your supporters. This explains who we are and how your supporters can join with Stewardship to support you.  When the supporter returns the form to us together with a completed direct debit mandate or cheque, we will set up an account for them and communicate with them directly.

When a supporter expresses a preference for Stewardship to allocate gifts to your account, we will consider whether the request is consistent with our own charitable purposes and, if so, the allocation will be made.  In order to comply with gift aid and Charity Commission regulations, balances in your account remain part of the charitable funds of Stewardship until transferred into your bank account.

We will notify you when we are allocating a new one-off gift or changing a regular gift allocation - when they will start, the amount, the frequency, the reference and any special instructions.

Gifts that have been approved and allocated to your account will be accumulated and a grant distributed on a periodic (weekly or monthly) basis.

You can still withdraw the approved funds that are in your account in between the regular grant payment date if you need the funds urgently.

Depending on the speed of response from HMRC following our Gift Aid submission, any related reclaimed tax will normally be allocated to your account between 6 and 8 weeks after the gift allocation.

You may authorise other individuals to talk to members of our giving services team about your account. These individuals could also have access to your account through the online service.

Exclusions & restrictions

Charitable purpose

Stewardship will determine whether a proposed gift allocation is charitable and reserve the right to decline to make any grant.  Once you have received a grant from us, it is your responsibility to ensure that the funds are used for purposes which are charitable under UK law.


Grants to Christian workers must be at an appropriate level and consistent with their charitable need and status.  This means that we will impose caps (limits) to the level of grants that can be made in any set period.

Full time work

As a Christian worker you must be in full-time Christian work.  Short term workers and trainees in service for less than 6 months will not be eligible to receive grants from us.

Change of circumstance

If you cease to be in full-time Christian service, you must notify us immediately as we may be required to discontinue making grants to you.  If you change the nature of your Christian work or sponsoring organisation you must notify us immediately so that we can obtain additional information and reassess your status. You will also need to notify us immediately if your (or your spouses) level of income changes or your general circumstances change significantly.

Non-UK nationals

If you are not a UK national, Stewardship can only provide grants to you if you work for a UK based church or charitable organisation.   We will require written confirmation of your vocational status from the organisation.

Overseas workers

Our normal procedures do not apply to payment of grants to overseas workers.  We can send grants on a weekly basis by sterling credit transfer to an overseas account, in which case the banks may apply their own charges.  In view of this we may delay sending gifts until the account balance reaches a minimum value.

Ministry and living expenses

Grants made to you can only be used for ministry expenses and living costs.

"Ministry expenses" means the cost of equipment, training, materials, travel for ministry purposes and other facilities relating directly to your ministry work.

 "Living costs" mean basic accommodation, food and other general living expenses.

Gift allocations from close relatives

If a Giver, who is a close relative of you or your spouse, has expressed a preference for a grant to be made to you, it may only be used for ministry expenses and not living costs.  We may monitor the value of grants made in such situations and request details of the expenditure.

The term "close relative" means child, grandchild, parent, grandparent, brother, sister or the spouse of any of these.

How to open an account

To open an account you must first complete an application form and return it to Stewardship.  The application form can be found at the following link:

Christian Worker

Once we have received your completed application form with supporting documents and, after confirming that we are able to make grants to you within our charitable purposes, we will set up a  Stewardship account in your name and add you to our approved recipient database.

You will then receive a welcome letter together with a master copy of publicity material for potential supporters.

Further information

Bank details

If you change your bank details, it is necessary for you to advise us in writing. Please enclose a pre-printed item of bank stationary showing your new bank details.  Failure to do so will result in delays to grants being distributed to you.

Taxation of grants to recipients

You may be subject to income tax on the grants you receive from us and it is your responsibility to determine this.

Information about you

We rely on the information which you provide to us.  It is your responsibility to keep the details which we hold about you up to date.

Closing your account

You are free to close your account at any time.

The Online Service

We will make every effort to make the Online Service available but from time to time the service may be down for maintenance. 

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