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Set up a new user

The account holder may set up users who will be able to access and manage the account on their behalf.  The account holder will continue to receive all correspondence.

1. Go to  Account Details

2. Click on  Add new User  (or  Manage users  if you already have some set up).

3. Complete their details

4. Click  Next

Please note: You will need to make a note of the new user’s Username and their Memorable Word to pass on to the new user.  They will be emailed directly with their PIN and they will need all three pieces of information to be able to login to the online service.

5. Click Finish


Remove a user

1. Go to  Account Details

2. Click on  Manage Users

3. Click  remove  next to the user you wish to remove.

4. Click  Finish.


Make a user the manager of the account. 

If there is more than one user to an account, the manager can make one of the users the new manger i.e. replacing themselves. 

1. Go to  Account Detail

2. Click on  Manage Users

3. Click on the button next to the user you wish to become the manager.

4. Click  Finish to confirm your change or  Back if you would like to cancel this change or select a different user to be the manager.

For security reasons you will be emailed about this change.  Please note that correspondence will continue to go to the account holder for Gift Aid purposes.

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