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Change your bank details

If you would like to either add a bank account or replace the bank account that a Direct Debit is paid from you will need to complete a Direct Debit mandate.  A Direct Debit mandate cannot be completed online, but you can download and print a mandate from your online account. To do this please:

1. Click  Account Details

2. Click  Bank Account details

3. Click  Add new bank account

4. Click  Direct Debit form

Please print and complete the form and send it to our office, making sure to sign the form. 

Please note that the bank account that a Direct Debit comes from needs to be in the name of the Stewardship account holder (this can be a joint bank account).

Update address details

1. Click  Account Details

2. Click  Contact details

3. Click  change  next to the address we currently hold for you.

Enter your Building number/name and Postcode and click on Search.

The address details will be completed automatically.   If there is more than one option you should click the dropdown arrow and select your  correct address.  Then click  OK.

(Please note recipients are unable to update their address online, therefore if your giving account is attached to a receiving account you will need to notify us in writing of any change to your address.)

Update email address

1.  Go to  Account Details

2.  Click  Contact details

3.  Change email address and click  Save

4.  Re-type your new email address and then click  Save.

As a security measure, a confirmation email will be sent to your old email address.

Update phone numbers

1.  Go to  Account Details

2.  Click on   Contact details

3.  Change the phone number(s) then click  Save.

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